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Product & Service

As an Indonesia Telecommunication Contractor, PT. CAD SOLUSINDO markets a full array of Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Telecommunication products backed by a state-of-the-art and fully digital network.

PT. CAD SOLUSINDO has undertaken the telecommunication service for HUAWEI, ERICSSON, SIEMENS & NOKIA, ZTE, TELKOMSEL and other telecommunication companies.

The company provides Semi/Full Turnkey Project that uses an integrated approach of telecommunication system, engineering service, MSC/BSS implementation, project control, quality inspection, site survey and documentation.

The company is constantly developing and improving its technical service to be able to provide high quality and cost effective solutions. As the company develops its activities, experienced people is recruited to support the customer’s need whenever and wherever necessary.

Core Service

We Provide BTS implementation for Outdoor, Indoor / IBC sites to minimize Capex and also in areas where operators have difficulties in acquiring to install facilities and some times in rooftops installation where microwave antenna are not allowed by the building administratior due to aesthetic reasons.

We provide transmission implementation solutions or back-up system to high capacity transmission network OSN, DWDM.

Datacom and Access implementation : DSLAM, MSAN, TITO, GPON, Metro.

We also act as the Supplier of various production equipment, quality instruments, raw material including Civil Works and Mechanical.