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Who We Are

In 1991 We start up with Jabert for IT System with PC ( Personal Computer ), server, local area network, wide area network, Router and UPS ( Communication Data ).

In 2001 we change the company name to PT. CAD SOLUSINDO and expanded its portfolio to include engineering service in field Installation, supervision, testing, commissioning, integration, and RF Engineering which include in building coverage solution, planning, optimization etc in all cellular telecommunications system. Our focus has expanded and our expertise includes Antenna, Radio Base Station, Switching System, Infrastructure built up, Training and Data communications equipments. These divisions are committed to delivering efficient, effective quality solutions for all business needs.

In 2009 we expand our business to Financial Services; we called it Foreign Financial Services. We prepare all foreign company needs that come to Indonesia to start their business. In 2010 we expand our business on repair all telecommunication equipment and to be more professional we built a partnership with CTDI and on May 2010 we became CTDI partner for Indonesia Region.

Our Skills


PT. CAD Solusindo to be the Primary Maintenance Contractor for all Cellular Telephone Operators in Indonesia through commitment to the high quality service conforming all aspects of Engineering Services, System Integration, Material Supply as well as Providing Manpower for Telecommunication industry.


PT. CAD Solusindo to be a major role player in line with the growth demand of technologically advanced telecommunication services, increase the country’s telephone density and continues to expand modernized network for domestic & international communication, high-speed data transmission, high performance packet switching service and private networking.

Our Values

  • To treat our customers as top priority by providing best quality, efficient, friendly and timely service
  • To have PRIDE in all we do. ( Personal – Responsibility – In Delivering – Excellence ).
  • To build trust and integrity by our actions and treat our clients, peers and those around us with trust, respect, pride and confidence.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of workingwith some of companies